Retouched Image

 Photoshop-Retouching-Exersise (2)

Original Image

In this week of Capturing & Manipulating images we learnt the basic’s of retouching.

To begin, I started with an image of a gentleman. I used the Perspective Transformation to change the perspective and make the man appear skinnier. Then I used the Liquify Filter. This is a very powerful tool which allowed me to use Forward Warp to reduce the jaw line, Pucker to reduce the size of the eyebrows and the bridge of the nose and Bloat to enlarge the size of the eyes and lips. I then pressed enter to set the changes.

Following this, I then used the Magic Wand Selection Tool to select the skin, I had to reduce the tolerance of the tool down to around 20 as with a high tolerance it would select parts of  the image which i did not want selected. I then used Refine Edge to feather the selection and then Gaussian Blur toblur the skin slightly to give it a sort of smooth glowing effect.

I then used a variation of the Spot Healing Tool to remove spots and blemishes, the Healing Brush Tool to remove the stubble on the upper lip and chin and the Clone Stamp Tool to clean up the hair around the eyebrow. I found this tool quite hard to use without making it obvious that i had ‘edited’ the photo. as you can see on the left hand side of the left eyebrow, the area isn’t smoothed out very well. 

To finish off I used the Red Eye Reduction Tool on the eyes, the Dodge Tool to lighten the area around the eyes, the Burn Tool on the cheeks and lips to darken them slightly and the painbrush tool with the opacity setting at 30% to add make up and change the eye colour.

I found this seminar very enjoyable as it showed me how easy it is to improve a photo or even completely change it. It also show’s that you cannot trust images you see in the media as it’s extremely likely that they also have been retouched.