Type Tool


This week in capturing and manipulating images we learnt how to use the type tool and create a magazine cover.

I started by creating a new document with the size set to 5.5″ x 8.25″ and resolution at 300ppi.

I then created a duplicate of the layer and used the Select Tool to select the forehead and the hair. I then used Refine Edge to make the edges of the selection more defined a set the output to Layer Mask.

Next, I enabled the Rulers and selected Type Tool. I used the ruler as a guide and clicked at around 50% in the middle of the image. I set the font to Georgia, Style Bold, Size 72, Colour White and aligned to Centre. I then typed the title “EMPORIA” in captials and clicked the “tick” to confirm my text.

I dragged the text under the forehead layer so that it lay just behind the man’s head. Then, I used the Transform Controls to make the text bigger.

To give the text a bold black outline i clicked the Type Layer to open the Layer Styles  dialogue box and clicked the Stroke Option and gave the layer a stroke of 11 points.

Following this I then typed “Executive Resource Management Blunders” and aligned to the left and “Can the Candle burn at both ends Forever?” and aligned to the right. I resized both texts using the Transform Controls to make them smaller than the heading.

I then right clicked on the “EMPORIA” layer, copied the Layer Style and pasted in onto the other two Type Layers.

I placed an image of a barcode onto the bottom right hand corner of the image and rotated and resized it to fit. I then added the price “£7.95” just above the barcode.

The man in the image originally had his eyes closed so to rectify this, I used File > Place and selected the file “Eyes”. I used the Lasso Tool to draw around the eyes then clicked the Layer Mask buttom at the bottom of the Layers Panel. I then used the move tool to position and resize the eyes to fit the face and set the Brush Tool to a low opacity to try and blend the skin around the eyes.


I found this seminar to be a lot of fun. I found it quite hard to make the eyes to look as if they hadn’t been edited in, but I think this may have been easier to do if we had used eyes from a man as apposed to a woman. It taught me that if I photograph a great image but the subject has their eyes closed, I can simply take the eyes from another image to create the perfect photo.