Ben Morris (2013) Nylon.

This image demonstrates the use of therule of thirds. the girl on the left is within the left hand third of the image whereas the two girls in further to the right are in the middle third of the image. the way in which the models are posed gives a care free, young vibe to the photograph. By them being slightly off centre may be a sign of them not conforming.

Ben Riggott 2

Ben Riggott (2013)

This photograph demonstrates the use of the rule of thirds. The model in the right hand third of the photo giving the photograph more depth and making it more interesting than if the model was in the central third. It also displays the use of leading lines. I think this is because of the perspective of the photo. Because it is being shot from below the model, it makes her legs look very long and draws your eyes up towards her face.


Charlie Engman (2o13)

By placing the objects infront of the model as apposed to behind gives this photograph a really quirky edge.

Jason Nocito (2013)

Mel Bles (2013)  Marani.

Patrick Demarchelier (2008) Vogue.

The composition of this photo gives a great contrast between the white and the pink. The balloon draws attention to the centre of the photograph with the string of the balloon creating a leading line towards the main model.


Silja Magg (2013)

Here the model’s legs create leading lines as well as the dresser on the right hand side of the photograph.

Tung Walsh 2

Tung Walsh (2013) Suddeutsche Zeitung.

The composition of this photograph is interesting as it blocks out the models face which is not very common however the position of the branches frames the dress.

Nick Knight 003

Nick Knight (2010) Vogue Hommes Japan.

The model is in the centre of the image which normally could come across quite boring but due to the colour of the photograph and her strong expression it really creates a moody feeling within the picture.

Javier Valhornat 002

Javier Vallhonrat (2013) Vogue.

Here the model is in the right hand third of the image which almost makes her look as if shes blended into the background.

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