Super Real using Movement

Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards (2013) WestEast Magazine 

This photograph demonstrates the use of a fast shutter speed to capture a moving scene. This creates a super real effect as what you see in this photo is not how you would see this scene if you were to see it with your own eyes. It creates quite a dramatic feel to an image and lets you see in fine detail all parts of the photograph.

Cade Martin

Cade Martin (2013)

Again another photograph taken using a fast shutter speed. By shooting the picture when the model is in mid air, this creates the illusion that the model in the image could be flying.

Monty Adams (2013) Wind

The wind blowing against the model in the image creates the flowing effect of his clothing. This has created the super real as you would not usually be able to see this much fine detail in person.

Mike Ruiz

Mike Ruiz (2013) And Men Magazine

Again by shooting this image with a fast shutter speed the model has been caught mid jump. This is, like before, not something you would be able to see yourself thus creating the super real.

Francesco Carrozzini (2013) Taylor Lautner

Nick Knight (2011) Ming Xi Couture

The super real has been created in this image but this time by using a slow shutter speed. This technique allows for my light to enter through the lens. This creates the super real using movement blur as like with the frozen movement photos, what you see in this photo is not exactly what you would see in person.

Sam Haskins (1960s) 5 Girls and African.

I personally prefer frozen movment photographs however i do like this image as it gives the effect that the model is moving at a fast rate.

Tom Ziebinski (2012) 

Time Cast fashion editorial in Zink Magazine by Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler (2012) Zink Magazine.

This photograph demonstrates the use of a slow shutter speed to capture a moving scene. This differs from the first image as it creates a motion blur. As the model moves her head it gives the image a super real effect as like the first photo, you would not be able to see this sort of blur in person. Although this type of photography may not be ideal for an ad campaign in fashion it has a very editorial and artistic feel about it.

Patrica Von Ah

Patrica Von Ah (2013) Run.

I think that this image is quite dramatic due to the fast shutter has capture the dust mid explosion and the reaction of the model perfectly. I think that if this image had been shot with a slow shutter speed, it may not have been as effective.


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