CMI Questions

Eleanor Round

Access to HE Diploma (Fashion Media & Communications)

Group B

Capturing and Manipulating Images

Adam Grice

Deadline: 25th November2013


CMI Questions

What is resolution?

Resolution is how detailed a raster image is. Higher resolution means that there will be more detail within the image.


What resolutions are appropriate for print and for web?

It is best to have the resolution set to 300ppi for printing however the resolution can be a lot lower for the web at 72ppi


How does resolution affect our ability to scale or edit an image?

If an image is set at a lower resolution you cannot increase the size of the image without it becoming pixelated quickly and it can also become difficult to edit a low resolution image as it may become distorted. High resolution will only loose a small amount of its quality when being resized or edited.


What file formats are most appropriate for Printing? Why?

TIFF is the best format for printing as it produces larger files without losing the quality.


What file formats are most appropriate for the web? Why?

JPEG, PNG and GIF are the best formats for the web.

JPEGs are good for image files as they keep the pictures small and loose some of the quality so that the image size can be reduced.

PNGs also reduce file sizes but they do not loose quality.

GIF are best for simple web graphics with a small amount of colour. They can also be used for small web animations.


What file formats are most appropriate for editing in Photoshop in the future? Why?

PSD and TIFF files are the best formats for editing in Photoshop in the future. Both of these files keep all settings, layers and any additional special features applied to the image intact.


Explain CMYK and RGB, what are they used for and why?

CMYK is an abbreviation of Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black and is a colour model setting used in colour printing or sending high quality colour images. RGB is an abbreviation of Red Green Blue and is a colour model that uses red, green and blue light for electronic images displayed on email, screen or internet. It can alsobe used for low quality printing.


Explain Duo Tone and Grey Scale. What might these colour mode be appropriate for?

Duo Tone is an image created using one contrasting colour halftone which is usually black, over another colour halftone  and is usually used for printing in a publication where full colour printing is not required. Grey Scale is when a range of grey shades from white to black are used to create a monochrome image this can be used to create a black and white photograph.


Which tools did you like the best and which ones did you find hard to use?

I really like the Quick Selection Tool. I think it’s a really simple easy tool to use and makes cropping and cutting out images a lot easier than on any other previous version of Photoshop as the Quick Selection Tool was not available before. I found the Clone Stamp Tool the most difficult tool to use as I found it hard to use it without making the image look like it had been edited in some way.