Trend Report Process

Trend Report Process


I wanted to create my final trend report as if it was going to be printed in a copy of Nylon Magazine. I was aiming for a young, fresh feel to the report and I think I achieved this with the layout, type and colour of the font.

I began by creating a new A3 Photoshop document and set the colour mode to CMYK as this is the colour mode a printer prints in and resolution to 300ppi (pixels per inch) which is important as it gives makes the document a higher resolution. I then turned on the ruler’s tool and set the rulers units to percent and set a guide line vertically at 50% on the ruler mark.  This was to help in making sure my trend report is set out even and so that I would know where the centre of the double page spread was.

I started by using the type tool to create the heading and sub heading. I adjusted the heading size of “# now” to 140pt and to the font Arial (which is the font I have used for all text within the trend report). I then used the transform controls to tilt the text. Then I used the type tool to create “trending” with the same settings.

To create the sub heading I set the font size to 18pt and the colour to a custom colour.

I then created the “Religious Print” section of my trend report. First I imported some scanned images, set their resolution to 300ppi (this is because their quality needed to match the quality settings of my final document) and used the magnetic selection tool to select the part of the image I wanted to keep and used the layer mask tool to blank out the rest. Next I took catwalk images from vogue, set their resolution to 300ppi (again for the same reason) and used the magic wand to crop out the background of the images. I used the smooth tool set to 5 pixels to smooth the edges of the image to make it slightly less obvious the images have been cropped. I found this process quite difficult as there was a lot of fine detail that needed removing. I think that if I had the latest version of Photoshop with the quick selection tool, this would have made the process a lot easier and less time consuming. I then used the type tool the label each catwalk image.

Next I took some images of clothes and art from the internet and used the magic wand to crop out the white background of the images to make them transparent and arranged them aesthetically on the page.

Finally I used images of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling and placed multiple copies as the bottom layer behind the images so that white spots were no longer showing through.

I repeated this same process with each trend section however I used images of a metallic surface for the background of the metallic section and images of pastel glitter makeup for the background of the pastel grunge section.

To add the finishing touches I used the type tool to write a small piece of information about the trends and then used the colour balance adjustment layer to give the entire report a warmer feel. I achieved this by selecting shadow and increasing the red by +10 and yellow by +10.

I did not use any of the retouch tools as most of the images had already been retouched before they were published on the internet or in my magazines.