DTP Week 4 – Images, the links panel, clipping paths & place holder text

Poncho Effect



This week in DTP we learnt about images, the links panel, clipping paths and place holder text.

To start we filled the rectangle frame tool with place holder text which is known as ‘Lorem Ipsum’.  Next we put a dropped shadow effect on the title by seleting the text and choosing Drop Shadow from the Effects menu. I then adjusted the parameters for the position and direction of light until i was happy with the appearance of the text.

Next I used the clipping path tool. I selected the image and clicked object menu>clipping path>options and selected detect edges from the type drop down menu. I  adjusted the threshold and tolerance until the edges of my image were defined by the brown anchor points nad path. I then wrapped the text around the clipping path using the text wrap pop out menu > wrap text around object shape. I then used the Offset:Top option to increase the space around the image that the text wraps around.

We then learnt about the Links Panel: The links panel can be found at the top of the pop out menus on the right under pages and layers or in the Window menu.

You can use the panel to identify images in the document, the page they are on and other useful information.

The panel will show an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle to indicate when a file has been modified and clicking the indicator will update the file. This is very useful if you are working in a publishing environment where different people are working on and updating image files durig the pre print layout process.