1. Bleed – a printing term that means that the image on the page foes beyond the edge of the sheet before cutting. It is the area that will be trimmed off.
  2. CMYK – CMYK is an abbreviation of Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black and is a colour model setting used in colour printing or sending high quality colour images
  3. Colour separated copy
  4. Drop Cap – A large inital letter that drops below the first line of the paragraph. They are usually used to ark the beginning of a section in a book or magazine.
  5. Greeking – a style of displaying text or symbols.
  6. Gutter – the blank space between two facing pages.
  7. Hanging indent – a paragraph that has all lines but the first indent.
  8. Hard copy – a printed version of a computer document.
  9. Hyphenation – the division of a word usually at the end of a line on a page.
  10. Justified text – a typesetting that aligns text or images within a column to align along both the left and right margin.
  11. Kerning – adjusting the spacing between characters in a piece of text that is to be printed.
  12. Leading – the distance between the baseline of text.
  13. Legibility of text – the more legible the text is, the easier it is for someone to read.
  14. Margin – the edge or boarder of the page.
  15. Monochrome – an image in blalck and white or varying tones of a single colour.
  16. Orphan – where the first line of a paragraph is the last line of a page or column.
  17. Point (Pt) (In terms of text size) – a point is a measurement in which text is measured within a document.
  18. Readability of text – the quality of the language used that makes it easy to read and understand.
  19. RGB – RGB is an abbreviation of Red Green Blue and is a colour model that uses red, green and blue light for electronic images displayed on email, screen or internet. It can alsobe used for low quality printing.
  20. Serif – the finishing stroke of a letter in certain typefaces
  21. Text wrapping – where the text within a document wraps around an image.
  22. Widow – a single, usually short line of type, as one ending a paragraph, carried over to the top of the next page or column.
  23. Pull quote – an attention grabbing quote taken from a main article of text.
  24. Copy fitting – adjusting a copy (text) to the space where you want it to fit by editing the text or changing the type size and leading.
  25. Stand first – an introductory paragraph in an article, printed in larger type which summarizes the article.
  26. Slug – it is used to identify the story of a document. usually one or 2 words typed onto the document in the upper left or right hand corner of the page.