DTP Week 5 : Paragraph styles and Packaged files

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This week in DTP we learnt about Paragraph styles and Packaged files.

After downloading all the files I needed from Moodle and creating a new document in InDesign I clicked in the paragraph I wanted to assign a style to. I clicked window>styles>paragraph style and created a new paragraph style by clicking the paragraph settings menu.I then changed the settings for the font family, size, alignment, drop caps and space after. I then saved this once I was happy. I then repeated this process for each section that I wanted to have a different style. I applied the style to whatever paragraph I wanted by clicking the paragraph with the type tool and selecting the style I wanted from the style menu.

This tool is really great if you want to edit various different sections in a document to look the same. It saves a lot of time and I think will be a really great tool to use if you were creating a magazine.

We then saved the document by selecting Package. This is the best way to make sure that if I was to send my document to someone else they could open my file in the exact same way that I left it. It packages the .indd file, images and fonts along with instructions for the recipient.